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The Plug

OHN is an online platform that brings together the Black community like never before. The vision is to create an ecosystem where Black professionals and businesses can connect, work together, define their own standard of professionalism, and reap the benefits of their skills & talents.

It started with the vision of building a network of Black professionals allowing those who seek services and products to easily find these within the community, with the goal of keeping the Black dollar within the community.

Since OHN is founded by a Black professional – it’s a testament of what OHN wants to achieve – Black professionals supporting the Black community, and vice versa.


We empower the Black community.


We want to enable collective growth.

The Black Guarantee

The commitment that services and products end customers get from OHN-verified professionals and businesses are of high quality and underscore the brilliance of the community.

While referring to the Black professional community, which OHN is primarily targeting, black also hints at the meaning of the color black.

Black is an authoritative and influential color that evokes feelings of sophistication, elegance, and professionalism – elements that end users can count on when tapping OHN-verified Black professional

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